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Featured Artist Colin Farrell
Featured Pron Star : Colin FarrellIn his relatively short career, he has won an Irish Film and Television Award, and received GQ's Leading Man of the Year accolade, both in 2003. Farrell is the father of James, his 2-month-old son with model Kim Bordenave. His family still lives in Dublin.

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Featured Studio Wolfe Video
Featured Studio : Wolfe VideoWolfe is the oldest and largest exclusive distributor of gay and lesbian feature films. They are experts in mainstreaming gay entertainment nationwide and they have a keen understanding of grass roots marketing.

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Featured Items
Featured Video : Bulgarian Lovers
Bulgarian Lovers
Click HereClick here for : Bulgarian Lovers
Featured Video : Latter Days
Latter Days
Click HereClick here for : Latter Days
Featured Video : His Secret Life
His Secret Life
Click HereClick here for : His Secret Life
Featured Video : The Fluffer
The Fluffer
Click HereClick here for : The Fluffer
Featured Video : Angels In America
Angels In America
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Featured Video : Edge Of Seventeen
Edge Of Seventeen
Click HereClick here for : Edge Of Seventeen
Featured Video : Beautiful Thing
Beautiful Thing
Click HereClick here for : Beautiful Thing
Featured Video : Get Real
Get Real
Click HereClick here for : Get Real
Featured Video : Yossi & Jagger
Yossi & Jagger
Click HereClick here for : Yossi & Jagger
Featured Video : Man I Love, The
Man I Love, The
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Featured Video : Gay Weddings
Gay Weddings
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Featured Video : Showboy
Click HereClick here for : Showboy
Featured Video : A Home At The End Of The World
A Home At The End Of The World
Click HereClick here for : A Home At The End Of The World
Featured Video : 101 Rent Boys Uncut
101 Rent Boys Uncut
Click HereClick here for : 101 Rent Boys Uncut
Featured Video : AKA
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Best Sellers
A Home At The End Of The World
Two best friends, with all their trials, triumphs, loves and losses.
Angels In America
Tony Kushner's 2 time Tony Award winning Best Play.
Beautiful Thing
A crowd pleasing, heartfelt drama of young love triumphant against all odds
Gone, But Not Forgotten
In this 'riveting mystery-romance,' a small town forest ranger rescues and falls in love with an injured hiker suffering from amnesia.
The Fluffer
(fluff'er) One who offers ego reinforcements; one who provides the necessary stimulation for a male porn star to perform.
Bulgarian Lovers
Tangled love affair between Daniel, a 40 year-old wealthy Madrid lawyer, and Kyril, a younger "straight" Bulgarian man
Val Kilmer proves himself one of Hollywood's most underrated actors.
I Think I Do
Anyone who has ever attended a reunion with people you love but don't always get along with
All About My Mother
A hardworking nurse, she's built a comfortable life for herself and her teenage son.
Latter Days
Christian, a hunky, 20-something, West Hollywood party boy gets more than he bargains for.
101 Rent Boys Uncut
We`d like to think of ourselves as normal people, a world apart from the everyday street hustler.
Queer As Folk Season 2
Showtime’s Queer as Folk continues to break new ground in depicting the lives of gays and lesbians on television.

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